Welcome to Orland, California – A Great Place To Grow Families and Futures!

Orland Orange Growers Label

Orland is a small agriculturally-based community in the heart of the Sacramento Valley on Interstate 5 at Highway 32. Centrally located to almost everything, Orland is 100 miles north of Sacramento, 20 miles west of Chico, and is located midway between Los Angeles and Portland.

Orland has a population of approximately 7,500 within the city limits, with an additional 3,000 to 4,000 people living within 3 miles of the city limits on ranchette-style properties of 1 to 5 acres.

Orland’s climate is Mediterranean, with cool, wet winters, and hot, dry summers. Snow is a rarity, but every so often a light dusting of snow turns the area into a wonderland.

Orland’s economy revolves around the services required by the farming community. Water for the irrigation of crops is provided by the Orland Unit Water Users Association. The project was the first of it’s kind in the nation, and was completed in 1911. Over 15,000 acres are irrigated with water from reservoirs in the western foothills.

The main commodities grown are almonds, olives, dairy products, hay, and citrus.

More and more families are finding Orland a nice place to grow families and grow futures.